ead Your Troops to Victory!

2D fantasy browser-based MMORPG with decent PVE and PVP system. Come on warriors, sharpen your blade and Sigh up for the beta to join the fight now!



  • Browser Based Game

  • QTE battle system

  • Troops upgrade system

  • City Building

  • Wartune as a refined Strategy-RPG combines some of your favorite features from multiple game genres. Join thousands of other players, as you explore through the world of Wartune.

  • The creative QTE battle makes an intense and stimulative battle feeling.Abbreviated for Quick Time Event, QTE is an important element in Wartune. Master it and it will greatly benefit you and your forces in battle.

  • 7 different troops with different abilities, you can make your unique legions.The higher level Troop Specialty it is, the higher trait it is.

  • Build your own city to improve the power of your hero. Your city will consist of Town Hall, Barracks, Warehouse , Gold Refinery, Cottage, Academy, Farm etc. which can level up by your power.


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